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Wrapped in the light of the moon and fishing fires while overlooking the magnificent Tsugaru Straits Yunokawa Onsen, a well-known hot spring loved since ancient times.
Enjoy fresh greenery in spring, moonlight in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and beautiful snowy scenery in winter.
The open-air bath with a great view is surrounded by the sea.
Experience a moment of bliss as you gaze at the horizon while feeling the warmth of the hot water.

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Infinity Onsen
Public bath-Amaumi
We offer a wide range of bathing experiences for all five senses, including our signature "Ancient Infinity Sea Lamp Open-air Bath," tatami-mat bath, and Tsuboyu bath, all of which offer spectacular views.
Please enjoy bathing with all five senses.
While sipping on moonshine, enjoy a blissful time that will revive your body and soul.
Private Open-air Bath-tsukinoyu/hoshinoyu
Private Open-air Bath-tsukinoyu/hoshinoyu
Two Private Open-air Baths are available.
Please enjoy your private space with a view of the city.
You can enjoy the view of the airplanes flying over the city.
It is a different atmosphere from the large baths.



Public bath-Amaumi

  • Opening Hours


  • Day-trip bathing fee

    Adults (13 years and older) 1,100 yen
    4~12 years 550 yen
    3 years and younger free
    Day-use bathing is prioritized for staying guests, hence it is limited to non-busy weekdays.
    We take a break on crowded days, so please inquire in advance.

  • User Guide

    ・Tattoos are strictly prohibited.
    ・Drunken people are not permitted.
    ・Cameras, smartphones, and other photographic equipment are not permitted.


Private Open-air Bath-tsukinoyu/hoshinoyu

  • Opening Hours

    2:00PM~8:00PM(Last entry 7:00PM)

  • Fee

    2,750 yen (incl. tax)/hour

  • Appointment only

    Reservations can be made by e-mail or phone.
    ・Name of the Representative (required)
    ・Preferred date of use (required)