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Guest Rooms

Outside the window, you can see the Tsugaru Straits from the ocean side.
We also have rooms where you can enjoy the flight of an airplane with the scenery of the four seasons.
Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Yunokawa Onsen, where the flow of time is forgotten.

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Room Introduction

Standard Double
Standard Double
This room is recommended for solo or double travelers.
You can enjoy the atmosphere of a hot spring inn and the view of nature and airplane flights from the window of this room with a unit bath.
The bed is 140 cm wide for a comfortable stay.
Standard Twin
Standard Twin
This room is recommended for two people traveling together.
A relaxing space to enjoy like a ryokan.
Designed with a calm and relaxing interior, this room is designed with functionality in mind. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Tsugaru Straits.
It is also ideal for a luxurious anniversary trip.
Superior Twin
Superior Twin
The rooms are simple, comfortable, and relaxing for two people or a group of people.
The windows are located on the mountain side where you can see the rich greenery of nature.
The view of the airplanes flying in front of you is very impressive.
Standard Double
Family Room
This room is recommended for families and groups traveling together.
There are four beds in this room.
Enjoy your holidays in this room surrounded by gentle lights.
Junior Suite
Junior Suite
A healing space with tatami mats and a Japanese bed, focusing on "peace", "freedom", and "harmony".
The room is located on a high floor and overlooks the Tsugaru Straits right in front of you.
Recommended for families and groups traveling together in a relaxing space with a sense of Japan.
Enjoy relaxing and stretching out your legs.
The most spacious room in the hotel, with a beautiful view of the Tsugaru Straits right in front of you.
Universal Room
Universal Room
The rooms are designed to be easy to use for all people.
Wheelchairs, babies, pregnant women, and injured people can stay comfortably.
Those who are worried about steps can also stay comfortably.