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Hokkaido: Entertained by bold fishermen using fresh meals from the Donan region and seasonal fish.
Taste the bold and delicate "local and seasonal fish".
Nurtured by the rich nature and climate of the Donan region.
Please enjoy to your heart's content the cuisine with Japanese quality and boldness.

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Restaurant – Tsukifune
Buffet restaurant – Tsukifune
Our meals are prepared mainly with ingredients from the southern part of Hokkaido.
The menu includes sushi and sashimi using fresh fish caught that day at Hokkaido's fishing ports, as well as bold fisherman's cuisine full of wild flavors.
The buffet-style dinner, consisting of about 150 items, is one of the largest in Hokkaido.
Restaurant – Kumonami
Japanese restaurant – Kumonami
Savor the four seasons with all five senses.
Hakodate's seasonally rich ingredients and bountiful seafood.
Enjoy kaiseki cuisine and seafood rice bowls prepared with the delicacy of Japanese cuisine in mind.
Only the most carefully selected ingredients are purchased, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the chef's pride.