Yunokawa Onsen is one of the three major hot spring resorts in Hokkaido.
In the Edo period (1603-1868), Matsumae Chikatsumaru, who later became the lord of the Matsumae domain, and Enomoto Takeharu, the president of the former Tokugawa shogunate, are said to have bathed in the hot spring.
「Yunokawa Onsen Umi to Akari/ Hewitt Resort 」 It is a hot spring resort hotel where you can feel the good old days of Hakodate Yunokawa.

The rooftop overlooks the majestic Tsugaru Straits, and guests can enjoy a soothing moment at the famous historic hot spring while surrounded by the moon and the lights of fishing fires. Enjoy moon viewing with Hakodate's local sake.

History of Yunokawa Onsen
Yunokawa Onsen that healed the head of the clan
The great healing power of Yunokawa hot spring was in 1653, when the ninth head of the Matsumae clan, Takahiro (his childhood name was Chikatsumaru) was suffering a serious disease and his condition was deteriorating day by day.
One night, his mother Seiryoin received a divine message in a dream: “Take your son to the hot spring east of Matsumae Castle, and he will definitely heal soon, however ill he is.” and she followed the advice and took Chikatsumaru there. He soon recovered completely.
In appreciation, the Matsumae clan rebuilt the local Yakushi shrine and placed a golden Yakushi statue(薬師堂) and it was dedicated to Wniguchi (鰐口).

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Immerse yourself in the hot spring of Yunokawa Onsen,
and be blessed with the magnificent view of Tsugaru Strait and
fishing fire from the ocean.

Sake for moon viewing
The rooftop overlooks the majestic Tsugaru Straits, where you can enjoy a moment of healing in the famous historical hot spring baths while surrounded by the moon and the lights of fishing fires. Enjoy moon viewing with Hakodate's local sake. The famous sake "Gohou" is available.

※The brand name is subject to change depending on stock availability.

※Price: 1,200 yen per bottle (tax included)

In the garden of the hotel, the staff builds a fire every day to welcome guests. First of all, please take a break with warm sweet sake and dumplings. We will be serving dumplings from "Yakidango Gingetsu," a long-established dumpling shop that has been loved in Yunokawa Onsen for over 40 years.
Local and Hokkaido grown vegetables and other products are available for purchase.

Held seasonally.

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Area Information
Yunokawa Onsen is lined with many hot spring inns along the coast. In the past, Yunokawa Onsen was known as one of the ""eight scenic spots of Yunokawa,"" and it also flourished as a backwater of Hakodate.
You can still feel the vestiges of the good old days in the hot spring town.